How to fix a miter saw?

The most recommended way to fix a miter saw is to take it to a specialist with his knowledge of saw repairs who will tell you what is affecting the perfect functioning of your miter, and once he tells you what to repair so that it returns to normal and you can do your work with peace of mind.
If you do not have the resources to pay a technician we recommend the following steps of maintenance and verification:

1. You must keep in mind the safety procedures.
2. Clean and lubricate all essential and required parts.
3. Read the user’s manual and make sure you are doing it right.
4. Schedule maintenance every few months.
5. Get advice from people who have knowledge in this area.

How do you change the disk of a mitering machine?

Perhaps you have thought that to change the disk of your miter cutter is complicated, but no, it is simpler than you can imagine. What you have to take into account is that a procedure where you have to be careful because you can cut with the old blade. So we recommend you follow these steps to achieve disassemble your old disk and place a new one:

1. First make sure it is disconnected
2. You lower the machine as if you were going to make a cut so that the guard is lifted.
3. Place a wooden block which you will press to ensure that the disc does not move.
4. With the Allen key, loosen the screw, and remove it together with a ring that it has.
5. Remove the old disc.
6. Place the new disc and perform the steps in reverse.
7. There, you can use your miter machine again.

How to set up a miter machine?

It is very easy to adjust your miter, just loosen some screws and move it until it is adjusted. Which are encased in the back at the base of our engine, there we can find some screws side and side, loosening a little can move up to a maximum of 45 degrees, once placed in the angle tighten the screw to use it.
Likewise, it must be done to adjust it to 90 degrees, again you loosen the screw, move it and place it straight to bring it to the desired 90 degrees. This is a very simple procedure to perform but you must take into account that you must place it well because otherwise it will affect your cuts.

How to calibrate a miter saw?

The most recommended to calibrate your miter saw you should use the UKCOCO digital electronic magnetic goniometer, which you can buy anywhere, is small, practical and very easy to use. It generally has 4 buttons which is first on and off, but the most interesting of the other three buttons is the third one is to calibrate.

Once turned on and pressed the button to calibrate we placed it at the base of our miter machine must mark 00.00. That means that it is placed on a good base and after that we stick it to our blade, the digital marker has magnets at its base, this time we must mark 90 degrees, not to mark it you must move it and adjust until it is done.

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