How does a Female Sucker work?

In the sexual area there are many things that are used with the purpose of being able to offer pleasure to people. One of the tools that have been used in recent times to offer greater pleasure to women has to do with the female vacuum cleaner. This would be a device that has a particular design that is needed to suck the clitoris and thus be able to generate a feeling that is rewarding and of enough pleasure, to the point of bringing it to orgasm.

The idea of this type of product is to stimulate the clitoris as much as possible so that we can have a greater sensitivity and we can reach orgasm in a much faster and more pleasant way. There are many types and each of them has variations such as the intensity of the vibrations. There are also changes in the type of material that is being used and in the design that they may have. They are suitable to be used with the couple or to be used in an individual way when without sexual relations you want to have pleasure.

How does a Female Sucker work?

Many people may think that the female vacuum cleaner fulfills a function that depends on the device being inside the woman, and the truth is that it is not. It is more of a device that has a membrane that is in charge of giving the woman pleasure, in this sense, this pleasure is achieved through vibrations.
Yes, it is not necessary to introduce any device anywhere, you just have to have it at a distance where the vibration can reach the woman’s clitoris.

What does the suction device do?

As we have previously indicated, we are talking about a sex device or toy that has a body and a membrane. It is precisely this membrane that is responsible for passing the vibrations with a high frequency to the clitoris so that the sensation of pleasure can be felt.

On the other hand, it is placed close to the clitoris, it is not necessary for the woman’s sucker to go in such a close area because it would be something absurd. It’s just a matter of being able to calculate very well the space between the intimate zone and the membrane.

Who invented the sucker?

The female vacuum cleaner was invented by a doctor who was in charge of doing a study that would allow him to know the possible alternatives for those cases of women who could not have an orgasm as such and who needed some kind of help that would allow them to reach that level of pleasure.
After several tests were conducted with his wife, he realized that it was possible that a sucker could give the woman that level of pleasure she deserved and that she could not obtain through a sexual relationship as such or by herself.

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