How do I remove my personal data from the Internet?

The Internet, as well as being considered a good tool, we can also see how it can generate big problems for us, mostly on a personal level. This is why in many cases we will need to know how to remove personal data from the Internet. Yes, this is the most complex way, but simple in which we can change all those data that can be used against us or that can be used to harm us either in an indirect or indirect way.

Although many people believe that thinking about the possibility of removing personal data from the Internet is impossible, it is possible. It is only necessary to take into account that we should analyze well what the problem is and from here to be able to take the most viable solution.

In this case, we could use: elimination of information of the search engines, elimination of information of the Web sites, elimination of the accounts of the social networks, elimination of accounts of electronic mail, elimination of other accounts, elimination of personal sites that were created at some time, tracking of personal information of form online, elimination of data of companies sellers of personal data, others.

What is the right to forget?

It is known as the right to forget, the right to extend a request to all those search engines or the various companies linked to this world so that they can remove all our personal data. We understand that these data can be used in a bad way and can generate some kind of situation that can harm us.

This request can also be considered as a blocking opportunity that can be exercised by those companies or by the search engines themselves. Basically, the aim is that our data is forgotten so that nobody has access to it anymore.

Right to forget about google

Google is the main search engine we use to surf the internet and, of course, it also works with the right to forget. What is important for you to know is that in order to apply for it, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Checking the information.
  2. Selection of the information to be removed from the search engine.
  3. Verify the nature of the information that has been selected.
  4. Having access to a report form with which the Google search engine works directly.
  5. This is the normal and legal process for working with the right to forget about google.

Limits to the right to forget

Certainly, making use of the right to forget has limitations that you should take into account if you are going to make use of this. When you activate the right to forget, you must take into account that from then on any search that is done through the engines and that contains those personal data will appear as sensitive information.

On the other hand, we must also see that in order for this data to be considered sensitive, it must first have been published and the report made, i.e. some time must have passed since it was published.


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