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Does the water make the spice worse?

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Have you eaten a spicy meal and felt the need to drink something immediately? Don’t try to reach for the water, because it will only make your throat «burn» even more. What many people don’t know is that water molecules react negatively with capsaicin, a chemical that is responsible for the strong and beautiful taste of chilies, for example. By the way, read about Michelada Mixer.

Capsaicin and its derivatives are not soluble in water. So this means that the more water we drink after a spicy meal, the more our throat and palate will be burned. However, this can be remedied. Without a doubt, water makes it worse and much worse, it is different from using it during preparation, since the ingredients are joined to form a new mixture, to consume it together with the spicy food.

The same effect has if, wanting to dissolve the effect of the spice in a soup or preparation, you add more water, if the spice is pure or strong, you will be spreading it all over the dish. Unless you double the liquid, you will have more spicy soup instead of returning your soup to its original state.

Is water or milk better for spicy foods?

The good news is that this substance, capsaicin, dissolves easily in fat and alcohol, so milk will be a good choice to remedy the burning hotness in your throat.

Obviously when we talk about what’s best, we mean whatever helps calm that burning, if you are a spicy lover and want to live the experience to the fullest, then you should know that the beer or other alcoholic beverage you consume is reducing the effect of your favorite spice.

What neutralizes spicy food?

The milk, preferably skimmed, can neutralize in good part and quickly its flavor, nevertheless, it must be clear that the effect for our intestine or stomach will continue latent, in case that you have little tolerance to the spicy one from the digestive point of view, to consume it will bring problems to him without concerning that it consumes later.

Alcohol plays the same role as milk and helps to calm the burning of the spice at the moment, so if it’s a matter of cooling your throat with a cold drink, depending on whether or not you consume alcoholic beverages, you have a pleasant choice between a glass of cold milk and a beer fresh from the fridge.

What helps the spice go away?

A very used trick, even with beef or chicken pieces that have already been seasoned with hot sauce, is to give them a bath in buttermilk, you just have to leave them 10 or 15 seconds in a container covered with buttermilk and when you take out your piece, the flavor of the spicy will have been reduced to the minimum (you don’t have to notice the obvious, that the flavor will be altered but if what you are worried about is the spicy…)

You already know, if you have diseases of the digestive system, low tolerance to spicy or simply do not like the taste, with these tricks you can get rid of it after trying it unintentionally in some meeting with friends or family.